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Artist's Statement


Susanne comments “I like clothes to be comfortable, a second skin. They should be well made with an eye for detail, and be both contemporary and timeless. I believe colour is an essential ingredient to life, and finding the shades that compliment us is beneficial to our well being. Creating something that makes someone feel good is satisfying both for the customer and for me.”


Press Release


On Sunday 16th September the Lewes based clothes  designer, Susanne Wolf, will host a fashion show entitled “Who’s Afraid?”. The event will take place at 3 pm in the Old Market Lane Garage, 32 North Street, Lewes.


Accompanied by live music, local people will be choreographed to model a collection from the Shop, Friars’ Walk, Lewes, which opened in July 2006. To keep the event community based, Susanne has brought in Lewes performers Tab Hunter (guitar) and Tim Cotterell (fiddle).


In addition to the clothes personally designed and made by Susanne there will be items from small individual producers sourced from across Europe. Guest designer, Dina Malkova, who originates from Uzbekistan but who is now a resident of Lewes, will show her jackets and coats produced in traditional hand embroidered fabrics from the Silk Route.


The title “Who’s Afraid?” is because I love the idea of women having the courage to step out of the mainstream and into the unknown. It is so easy for us to get in a fashion rut and stick with the same old look and predictable colours. Very often this is because we don’t have sufficient confidence in our bodies, so my models celebrate who they really are as women. There will be a complex mix of shapes and sizes, and I hope this will prove that absolutely everyone can create their own unique style, who-ever they are. It’s about nurturing a passion for color and texture, and it’s about dressing for yourself.”


Contact details:

Susanne Wolf, The Shop, 30 Friars Walk, Lewes BN7 2LF, Open Wed-Sat 10-5

01273 477901,