Roger Dean - Details and Images

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Roger Dean was open to international influences from an early age. His father served in the British army and the family lived in Greece, Cyprus and the Far East. Roger absorbed the varied styles of culture and tradition of these places and his fascination for history, nature and art have continued to provide the source of inspiration for his work.

Roger Deanís artistic work is built on a respect for tradition and craft but his interest in engineering and digital technology has led him to collaborate with scientists and inventors to create architecture, furniture, films and books and to experiment with virtual reality.

In this exhibition Roger Dean will show preliminary sketchbook drawings and paintings produced as ideas for architectural structures. These give an insight into his artistic process and show how intriguing elements of pattern and shape found in nature, combine with an understanding of the emotional and spiritual needs of human beings and their wish to be at ease in their surroundings. The show also includes paintings, prints and models showing his involvement with three-dimensional form and itís relationship with nature. The exhibition provides an opportunity to look behind the surface and to share the artistic journey of this unique artist and designer.


Roger Dean M.Des.RCA