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 Attracting New AudiencesHertford School enjoy a picnic after an art workshopHertford Junior Workshop Sept 2006 

Dialectic Exhibition- August September 2006


Funded by the Arts Council, Awards for All, The Rural Network Fund and Lewes Town Council. Large abstract paintings by Colette Morey de Morand and Digital Photographs by Julie Wood. www.dialectic-lewes.co.uk


Artemis Arts project managed this exhibition based in the Old Market Lane Garage and ran a three-week community programme. The Nobel Prize winner, Sir Harry Kroto, opened the exhibition with a practical workshop for all ages in which visitors learned about and constructed models of his C60 Buckminster Fullerene.


An independent evaluation stated -


The success of the Dialectic Project can be summed up as follows:

  • More than 3000 visitors to the exhibition and events, far exceeding initial estimate of 1200
  • More than 60 artists / performers involved in some way and many volunteers
  • Transformation of a disused industrial building into an original and exciting community space which will benefit future users
  • An inclusive project with a strong community focus attracting many young children and families, school aged pupils and students, young people, adults and elderly people
  • An opportunity to experience contrasting forms of contemporary art and science and to interact with an unusual site
  • Increased skill & creativity of participants through diverse workshop opportunities
  • Involvement with many local organisations to extend access and participation
  • Increased knowledge of and new partnerships established between Artemis Arts, local groups and organisations and advertising outlets


 ‘An excellent totally worthwhile community arts project’

  Marina Pepper - Chair of Lewes District Council



Lewes Arts Fair-December 2006


A three-day communal art exhibition involving over 20 local artists and craftspeople and musicians. Funded by subscriptions and local sponsorship.



Art Depot Community Festival; Artwave 2007 August/ September

Funded by Awards for All Lottery Fund, Lewes Town Council, The Ernest Cooke Trust and the Local Action Team (ESCC) www.artemis-arts.co.uk  


Exhibition of three artists and one filmmaker at Market Lane Garage,

North Street, Lewes.

Roger Dean-Designer and artist.

Francois Norris-Photographer

Dimos Malkoff-Abstract Painter.

Mick Hawksworth-Film-maker


Exhibition planned, curated and managed by Artemis Arts Ltd.

Project Managers Christine Hall and Wenda Bradley.

The three-week event provided a showcase for over 120 creative, professionals. We had very positive comments in the visitor’s book and through verbal feedback.



  • The opening night with the band Tongue and Groove was a sell out success and advertised the venue all over town.
  • Artists benefited from the exposure that their work received throughout the busy three-week event.
  • Roger Dean’s inventive architectural designs opened a dialogue about the possibilities for the re-development of the site.
  • Groups of young people learned about the work.
  • Films from a local filmmaker received large audiences and people had the chance to meet the actors, director and maker.
  • The poetry performances introduced a new poet to the town and provided a platform for a well loved more established writer.
  • Local businesses and individuals who donated their skills and time free of charge supported the event.
  • The fashion show involved scores of local people in a collaborative, joyful performance attended by hundreds of people.
  • Over 30 new contacts were made for the Lewes Phoenix project.
  • The event was visited by a number of local councillors including the Mayor of Lewes and the Executive Director of Lewes District Council.


An independent evaluation stated -


The success of this venture can be summed up as follows: 

  • More than 3000 visitors attended the exhibition and events from all sections of the community and from further a field
  • The continued and extended use of a disused industrial building as an original and exciting space with exciting benefits for the local community
  • More than 130 volunteers involved
  • An inclusive project with a strong community focus attracting many young children and families, school aged pupils and students, young people, adults and elderly people
  • The production of a short documentary film to provide a lasting record of the event and of the views of Lewes residents
  • An opportunity to experience contrasting forms of contemporary art and to interact with an unusual site
  • The involvement of many local organisations, businesses and individuals


The Lewes Phoenix Project 2008-2009


Project to explore the history and significance of the site of the Phoenix Foundry


Funded by

Heritage Lottery Fund

Sussex Archaeological Trust

Lewes Town Council

When Skies Were Bluer 


Artemis Arts has been building a project based on the history of the site since March 2006. The “Lewes Phoenix’ group, made up of artists, filmmakers, educators and other interested parties, has been developing plans to research the significance of the Phoenix Foundry to Lewes and the surrounding area.


The steering committee includes Mick Hawksworth-Filmmaker, Chris Ient-Educator and Sarah Hitching-oral historian. An extensive number of local partnerships have been made including –Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Records Office, Sussex Past.



  • To examine the importance of the Phoenix site to the development of the town and its trade and culture.
  • To explore the significance of the area through the memories of those who have lived or worked there.
  • To use a website to gather and share contributions from the community.
  • To build an archive of oral evidence from existing citizens of Lewes and district who may have worked on the site.
  • To gather photographs and other resources connected to the site to build an archive.
  • To house the archive in the East Sussex Record Office in Lewes.
  • To support an historian to research the history of the site and it’s relevance to the town.
  • To run an education programme for local schools.
  • To document the site through the creative work of contemporary scientists, engineers and artists.
  • To use the Market Lane Garage site as a focal point for a series of exhibitions, events, presentations and informed discussions on the past/present and future of the site.
  • To encourage the involvement of marginalised groups in our society.
  • To encourage volunteers to contribute to the project


This represents over two years of preparation and consultation. We are eager to begin the research so that we can enjoy the site and share it with the community. We will offer historians, scientists, engineers and artists the opportunity to document the site before it disappears and through our funded work we will be able to conserve some of its significance and honour its role in shaping our town.



‘Journey’ 5-19th July 2008


An exhibition of landscapes by Haydn Cottam with two associated events ‘Taxi of Dreams’ featuring Jared Louche poet and Marc Plastic musician and ‘ The Wheel’ an musical experiment with folk melodies


 ‘Lewes Now and Then’ Artwave 2008.

The ‘Lewes Phoenix‘ project will be launched during the three week Artwave event. A collaboration with clubs, youth organisations, artists, scientists, musicians, writers and historians will be arranged to celebrate the influence of the foundry workers on the town. Local businesses will be encouraged to support the project through sponsorship and by creative involvement.


23 August-14 September 2008

An exhibition of selected local artists.

Focus- Lewes and the surrounding countryside.


The Foundry was established in 1832 — this was a time when large numbers of local people were moving from the land to towns and cities. The theme of town and country, from the early nineteenth century to the present day will be echoed in a series of events, which will be held in the old foundry buildings during the three-week exhibition. An education programme for all ages will take place linked to the historical significance of the site and to art, science and technology.


A uniting creative experience linking the community to its recent industrial past through collaboration in the present.




For further details-




Christine Hall christinehall@solutionsinc.co.uk       01273 470376

Wenda Bradley  cobra@mistral.co.uk  01273 486595    07752557335

Mick Hawksworth  mickh@hawksworth.demon.co.uk   07976831135





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