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Dimos Malkoff (born 1973) is of Russian descent but raised in the town of Bukhara in Uzbekistan. His father, Firs Malkoff, was a successful artist whose early work was based on the classical skills of objective drawing and painting. His output ranged from sensitive.detailed miniatures to larger, more freely painted portraits and landscapes. He was also a creative graphic designer and produced posters and other media for newspapers and publications.

Dimos helped his father in the studio and learned his techniques. He says,” My father gave me my first lessons in understanding art, but never insisted on me following an artistic profession.”  It was only after the sudden death of Firs in 1995 that Dimos began to work seriously as an artist himself. He experimented with music and script writing and later began to paint in oils. He inherited his father’s materials, books, skills and drive. His work is influenced by American Action Painting, the Russian avant garde and the European art movement, Cobra.

Dimos began to exhibit in Bukhara and was soon receiving commissions and offers of exhibitions internationally. His exhibitions have been sponsored by The British Council in Uzbekistan and by the Swiss Development Fund. He participated in his first international exhibition in St Moritz, Switzerland
in January 2006 and his work can be found in private collections all over the world.

The work on show at The Art Depot gives a small taste of the lively talent of this emerging artist.



Contact: dina-malkova@mail.ru

01273 472215/07983055791