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Eye Hand and Heart 

Exhibition of Recent Works


The Foundry Gallery North St Lewes BN7 2PH

Sept 6-14            12-5pm

(Closed Monday 8 Sept)


Sasha and Rachel are two artists who live within the South Downs in small Sussex villages and who met at Morley College in London for life drawing and painting sessions led by the artist Maggi Hambling, who continues to be their mentor and friend.





“To make a work of art, three elements must act together: the eye, the hand and the heart. Both painters love their subject matter and they open our eyes afresh.” Maggi Hambling CBE


The experience “helped to put us in the frame. We learned from one another and were constantly led back to ourselves.”




I have a particular love of trees, especially in winter – the way they show their relationship to landscape contour, prevailing wind and terrain. This is especially apparent in the Downs where the wind sculpts the living form. Scale is important and trees are a powerful element within a landscape. Land and sky work together. The challenge is to let the paint express the internal emotion of being within that particular space and that time.




Rachel’s early work was led by a fascination with painting people. She observes the structure and form of a face in order to understand the ‘bones’ underpinning a character. “I look at objects or landscapes in the same way and treat a painting of a quince or a flower as I would a portrait or landscape. I love painting the immutable qualities of water in all its guises”. She also takes a visceral pleasure in the ‘juiciness’ of paint and loves to use it in its various forms.


Rachel and Sasha’s friendship has developed into a continuing dialogue. This exhibition celebrates their relationship and offers the opportunity for others to share the fruits of their ongoing creative journey.



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