In Parallel Exhibition

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 Judy StapletonHarvey Daniels 

‘In Parallel ’  Joint Retrospective Exhibition

of the work of Harvey Daniels and Judy Stapleton.


Venue- The Foundry Gallery, 32 North Street, Lewes, BN7 2PH

Private View-7thJune Friday 6-9pm

Exhibition open from Saturday 8thJune to Sunday 23rd June

12-5pm closed Mondays and Tuesdays


Harvey and Judy have worked alongside one another since they first met in London in 1965. The city was then full of artists and ideas. Their work is very different but they both share a passion for abstract painting and printmaking.


They have exhibited nationally and internationally . They currently divide their time between Brighton and their studio home in Lezan, Le Gard  France. Both are active members of APEC, an artists’ studio co-operative in Hove and Harvey is an exhibiting member of The London Group.

Harvey Daniels

See www. Geoform-Harvey Daniels


“I met Judy Stapleton in 1965 when she was working for an American art dealer. We have been married for forty four years and work in the same studios but not at the same time. If asked we comment on each other’s work. We have shown together in various countries.

As a student I had a completely academic and realistic training and then developed into making work that was viewed  by critics and others as Pop Art. during the early 70s. Eventually my work has become totally abstract.  The work changed very slowly.  For the last thirty years  my work has been completely abstract, becoming increasingly geometric.

The content of the show ranges from small watercolours and prints to very large acrylic paintings. The Foundry Gallery is a wonderful, atmospheric, space  to show very large pieces and  hold educational workshops.  The current economic downturn makes it available and it  would cost a fortune to hire in normal circumstances.

Professor Michael Tucker has agreed to write the introductions to both of our catalogues. Brighton Independent Printmakers and Gary Goodman are ex-students of ours and will contribute their skills to the education workshops. Artemis Arts is managing the show.”


Judy Stapleton-painter and printmaker

See Judy Stapleton APEC studios


“This proposed retrospective will show our creative development in all its stages. I work as a painter but have also made prints both intaglio and planographic, enamel panels, decorated large porcelain chargers, screen prints on silk and been involved in many other projects.

The Foundry Gallery provides an amazing space and atmosphere- a perfect venue for exhibiting abstract work. I propose hanging about ten works from each decade (50 in total) with prints, paintings, enamel panels and textiles.

 I have worked alongside my husband, Harvey Daniels since 1965.  His work, albeit also abstract, is totally different from mine so should form an intriguing contrast and exhibit a different view.

Living and working with another dynamic artist has been a powerful part of my creative life. We have been able to discuss, challenge and support each other’s practice. I believe that our joint show will give an unique insight into the possibilities of people creating as individuals but ‘In-Parallel’.




Exhibition presented by Artemis Arts – an arts charity. It supports inter-generational links and Judy and Harvey are inspiring role models who will stimulate individual creative development in all ages.


Venue-The Foundry Gallery- an industrial building in a period of transition awaiting development transformed into a Gallery by  Artemis Arts and a team of volunteers in 2006 . Once part of The Phoenix Ironworks. Where the iron work for Brighton seafront  and The Palace Pier were fabricated.


Bip-Art- will lead print workshops based on the artist’s work..Founder, Ann d'Arcy Hughes was a Post Graduate student at Brighton and was taught print-making by Harvey. Harvey and Judy have collaborated with the group in workshops and presentations.


APEC-A disused building now used as studios but threatened with closure and re-development. 3 generations of artists / teachers from the arts co-operative. Some will work within the gallery during the show.