The Foundry Gallery

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 The Foundry GalleryThe Phoenix Foundry 

The Foundry Gallery, Old Market Lane Garage, 32 North Street, Lewes, BN7 2PH


Converted for use as a public space in August 2006 by Artemis Arts, it has risen from the ashes and is currently being used as a focus for historical projects and for exhibitions and events.


Founded in the early part of the nineteenth century The Phoenix Foundry was once a vibrant hub of craftsmanship and innovation, responsible for making the railings for St Paulís Cathedral and the ironwork for Brighton Pier and Lewes Station. John Every started the business at the bottom of North Street, Lewes in 1832, where he set up a "furnace cooled with a fan driven by a horse walking round a large wheel". The company continued to be an important iron works until 1978 when it was sold off and dispersed. Market Lane Garage took over two of the huge buildings and massive cranes and gantries still exist in the interiors. We are using the site as a focus for an historical project and for exhibitions and events. Artemis Arts aim to link art, culture and heritage to the community. It is led by Christine Hall and Wenda Bradley both of whom have extensive experience as educators and as project managers.